Thu, 4/15 3:37PM • 51:40


china, people, chinese, pandemic, podcast, america, china relations, relationship, iowa, field, years, big, dc, work, world, tank, backlash, holly, xi jinping, students


Holly He, Kyle Munson, Matt Sheehan, David Skidmore

Kyle Munson 00:00

I’ll do that separately. So I’m just going to kind of get into the conversation. So I’ll bring David and just chat with David for a second, then we’ll bring you guys in and start the questions. So are you recording David? Just say, I’m as well. Alright. And three, testing testing just to send me check my mic…

Kyle Munson and David Skidmore interview with Kit Spangler

Fri, 4/9 3:34PM • 40:32


china, people, chinese, iowa, land, understand, relationships, trade, chinese culture, business, agriculture, terms, thinking, rows, cab drivers, buy, years, ag, country, government


Kit Spangler, Kyle Munson, David Skidmore

Kyle Munson 00:20

Welcome, welcome again to the podcast really great to have you and of course, feels like a little bit of reunion for me. We first met several years ago when I was on a reporting trip to China. And I have to kind of apologize, I was googling you again, preparation for this episode. And I noticed one of the first things that came up was…

Fri, 3/19 9:29AM • 48:40


china, biden, taiwan, beijing, competition, happening, view, rivalry, people, question, allies, geopolitical, climate, democracies, terms, trump, pandemic, administration, book, economic


Kyle Munson, Thomas Wright, David Skidmore

Kyle Munson 00:02

Welcome to US-China: searching for common ground. How will How should the Biden administration go about fashioning its policies across the range of issues that make up us China relations? Should we expect major shifts compared to the approach of the Trump presidency? What can we glean from the views and backgrounds of Biden’s key advisors? How might domestic politics impact policymaking toward…

Kyle Munson and David Skidmore Interview with Kim Heidemann

Mon, 3/8 4:29PM • 44:26


iowa, china, people, state, country, relationship, citizen diplomacy, sister, government, chinese, taiwan, drake, business, states, governor, governor branstad, ambassador, challenges, kim, students


Kyle Munson, Kim Heidemann, David Skidmore

Kyle Munson 00:18

Of course, as always, I am joined by Professor David Skidmore Drake University. David. Good to see you again for this episode.

David Skidmore 00:26

Good morning, Kyle.

Kyle Munson 00:28

And as I mentioned, our guest is Kim Heidemann. Kim, welcome to the podcast.

Kim Heidemann 00:34

Hi, Kyle. Hi, David.


China — U.S. Competition and Bargaining in Advanced Technology

Thomas D. Lairson

March 1, 2021

Thomas Lairson

U.S. — China: Searching for Common Ground

(Monday, March 1, 11am)


Some of what we plan to cover during your podcast interview and class discussion:

· The reasons why high-tech has become a focal point for conflict between the US and China.

o Competition and conflict among great powers is typical and probably unavoidable

o China has become big enough and strong enough to represent the most important economic and strategic competitor to the U.S.

o China sees U.S…

Tue, 2/23 2:18PM • 47:02


china, people, technology, important, chinese, seed, iowa, business, agricultural, number, document, ag, living, world, gmo, trade, years, continue, land, food


Kyle Munson, Bill Niebur, David Skidmore

Kyle Munson 00:00

Well, Bill, welcome to the podcast. And thanks for sitting down to talk US, China and all things agriculture. You have deep, deep experience here. So why don’t you just give our listeners and students a quick introduction to your background with China?

Bill Niebur 00:33

Okay, well, thanks. And David and Kyle, I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this…

Transcript of Kyle Munson and David Skidmore interview with Terry Branstad for US-China: Searching for Common Ground

Thu, 2/18 11:56AM • 39:04


china, chinese, ambassador, xi jinping, people, wuhan, iowa, virus, united states, trade agreement, work, area, big, test, deal, leader, governor, question, travel, states


Kyle Munson, David Skidmore, Terry Branstad

Kyle Munson 00:01

So given all that special history and David and I on this series of talks about we were there at that state dinner in the basement. And that was a wonderful event. But given your special relationship and being old friends with President…

Transcript of Kyle Munson and David Skidmore Introduction to US-China: Searching for Common Ground podcast

Sun, 1/17 10:45AM • 17:35


china, relationship, podcast, china relations, xi, iowa, chinese, david, xi jinping, moment, relation, issues, governor branstad, series, world, common ground, people, visit, pandemic, taught


Kyle Munson, David Skidmore

Kyle Munson 00:31

Welcome to the introductory teaser episode of a new podcast series called US-China, searching for common ground. My name is Kyle Munson, and I’m a co host, I’m a longtime journalist and interested in these issues. And I’m with Professor David Skidmore, of Drake University. And…

Transcript of Kyle Munson and David Skidmore interview with Wu Xinbo for US-China: Searching for Common Ground podcast

Fri, 1/29 7:31PM • 44:28


china, issue, international, areas, hong kong, people, security, asia, competition, regional, shanghai, develop, tibet, country, chinese, cooperation, professor, governance, central government, terms


Wu Xinbo, Kyle Munson, David Skidmore

Kyle Munson 00:14

There’s a little question that China’s rising power poses new challenges for American foreign policy makers. But to what purposes does China intend to put its newfound economic and military capabilities? Do Chinese leaders seek to overturn the basic rules and institutions of…

Transcript of Kyle Munson and David Skidmore Interview with Ren Junfeng for US-China: Searching for Common Ground podcast

Sun, 1/24 11:32PM • 47:39


people, chinese, china, united states, american politics, confrontations, america, trump, country, scholar, politics, political, ccp, biden, ideology, society, cultural, visited, american, wrote


Kyle Munson, Ren Junfeng, David Skidmore

Kyle Munson 00:15

How does American politics appear from the perspective of a Chinese scholar? How do Chinese observers process the US electoral system through the prism of China’s own historical and contemporary political development? And what are the most important things that Americans and Chinese…

David Skidmore

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